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DJI Spark

Day 1 - Welcome to the world of Drones!

I got this drone with intentions of flying it while recording videos and taking pictures with the family. Unfortunately it didn't even want to charge so I had to take it back and get another one.

Day 2 - Right after I got a hold of the new one I immediately unboxed it and started charging it in my car (thanks to my power inverter I installed). This one actually charged. It took about 1 hour (ish) to charge and then once I got it back to where I was staying I got the firmware updated (that took forever on the connection I had for it). Then it was off to the races... or so I thought. I got it programmed and ready for flight and if it's one thing I learned.... don't fly these indoors (without proper clearance).... Not only did I have to grab this thing before it would cause damage I ended up getting hit by 1 or both of the propellers to prevent damage... It lifted off and began to hover then all the sudden started slowly raising up... I grabbed it with my hand and appearently didn't keep my finger(s) in a clear enough distance to avoid 1 of them getting hurt.

Needless to say I ended up taking that one back as well... Another defective drone that didn't want to listen...

(weeks later)

After finding an even more amazing deal for this drone from Target I couldn't refuse 1 final attempt...

We decided to go get it and I have since ran the drone at least 10+ times...

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