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Commercial Program

First 6 Computers is $120 + Applicable Fees

$20.00 / Computer (Windows 10) / after 6 signed up workstations

$25 / Server Monitoring (Windows Server or UnRaid)

Ensures basic apps are up to date

List of 'basic apps’:

Chrome, Adobe Air, Silverlight, Java, VLC, .Net Framework, & Other Apps may be included


Ensures Windows is up to date

This includes Windows 8 {all version} through windows 10 {all version}

​*Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft as of January 14, 2020.

Ensures that both antivirus and anti-malware definitions are up-to-date.

We use Webroot

Ensures any applicable Windows Updates are completed.

3 Free Quick Fixes per month {20 minutes or less}

*Checking Hard Drive / SSD Health

*Ensures backups are available*

*Free Inspection and Testing (when servicing is needed)* if applicable

*Free basic physical computer cleanings

*Live Help Desk (9am-6pm) {Monday thru Friday} [Excluding Holidays]

*Discounts on Pickup and Delivery Services

Remote Maintenance is done through Pulseway

(Monitored with Pulseway app)

12 Month Agreement paid monthly

Clients can pay for an entire year in advance


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