Server Rack and Config

So over the last couple of weeks I have been working on setting up a new server rack and getting my machines set up inside of it.

this has been a crazy interesting task in its own since I had to maneuver the spare bedroom/office futon around and move things to make it fit.

I have since hooked up my (used) 48 port {supposed to be layer 3} switch and \partially\ mounted it in the rack {while I wait on the newly ordered mounting brackets} so I can utilize it to connect my server up to my network.

I have also (temporarily) “racked” my server onto the 2 available rails inside the rack to keep it in place while I wait for my actual server rails to come in.

Once that is completed, and I have figured out where my funding will be coming from to get my PfSense box setup started, then I will be creating a PfSense environment to have a hopefully fully operational box that will allow me to disassemble the router chaos I have set up in my living room. Then I will just attach a wireless Access Point (AP) in my living room for connectivity of my wireless devices.